Yoda One for Me

Yesterday was GC’s birthday! We celebrated in so many ways. Friday night feast, Saturday bottomless brunch, and Sunday a baguette baking class. I think he rang in 23 right.

Faith in Plants Birthday

Over Christmas, we all decided we wanted to watch all of the Star Wars movies. I’d never seen any of them and wanted to be prepared for the newest one when we went and saw it in theaters. Every night, we watched one of the movies as a family. The funniest thing is that GC is a HUGE Star Wars fan, and I never had a clue! He knew all of the characters, side stories for all of them, historic details about the movies…I was pretty surprised. I decided to go with a Star Wars theme for some of his birthday gifts this year, with my favorite being the “Yoda One for Me” mug–it is just too cute. 

Yoda One for Me

My parents gave him a coco jack so we can start buying young coconuts! I haven’t been able to find any around here though–has anyone seen them in local grocery stores? We used to literally drill a hole in the coconut with a power drill, but then you can’t get any of the meat. So sad. My parents bought a coco jack a while ago and now swear by it. You can easily open them, and it makes a big enough hole at the top that you can scoop all the coconut meat out. Very yummy! 

Coco Jack

Birthday Feast

Serious birthday feast


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