Sleepy Sunday

Happy Sunday my friends! We’ve been playing chess for the past few weeks. I vaguely remember all the moves from when I was much younger, but I had quite the learning curve to keep up with since GC was in chess club back in the day! I finally won one game though đŸ™‚ 

Have you tried Rishi tea? I usually buy their loose leaf tea but I found out that amazon sells some types online! Rishi tea is all organic and very high quality tea. I got some of their matcha tea for Christmas and have been completely loving it! It has a really nice earthy flavor. 

Rishi Tea and Chess

Last night GC and I had the amazing experience of seeing the Sleeping Beauty ballet. It was incredible–so many perfectly choreographed dances. It was 3 hours long though!
The Ballet

There were two intermissions which I was surprised about. I can’t imagine being on stage for that long!

Before our big night, we cooked a nice meal. We made a mixed green salad, mushroom phyllo dough pizza, and avocado pesto pasta (our fave). Recipes for those will be coming soon!


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