Sister sister

Anna flew from Stanford to a cybersecurity conference that happened to be in DC this weekend. She stayed with us from Thursday night-Sunday morning. Woo hoo sissy I’ve missed you! Next time I see her and Sarah will be Easter weekend. Which really isn’t too far away.
sisters & soma pjs

Unfortunately, GC and I had our “Engaged Encounter” weekend scheduled for the same weekend, so we weren’t able to see her after Friday. This was something we had to do to be able to be married in the Catholic church–it was an intense Friday-Sunday retreat with 20 other couples.  We talked through this giant book with our facilitators guiding us throughout the three days. Happy to say that we successfully got through it and are an even stronger couple because of it!
Jackson's chips + vegan dinner

Happily I was able to cook Anna a big dinner on Thursday. Veggies, chippies, toast, lots of yumminess. I surprised her with a peanut butter pie which she loved (and I did too). We had it for dessert and breakfast the next day. Plus I was able to bring a slice to work which was a much needed snack during the day. Abay didn’t want matcha or coffee–she likes peppermint tea–but I made matcha for me & an almond milk latte for GC. 

matcha, lattes, & peanut butter pieNow I’m craving another matcha latte…off to make one this beautiful morning! Have a wonderful day my faith in plants friends <3

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