MIAMI: Family Vacation Pt. 1

We had the amazing experience of traveling to MIAMI for a week. First time going there for all three of us, and wow–what a beautiful place!

Yoga on the beach

We stayed in the Setai Residences. We were all the way up on the 30th floor! Something that is pretty cool is that Miami Beach recently passed a law so buildings can’t build past a certain height. So the height we were staying at is one of the highest there will ever be! We decided to stay at the residences instead of the hotel because we knew we wanted to do our favorite thing: COOK! Of course, yes! We ate brunch out at local places, but each night we prepared a multi course feast for our family + the multiple friends who came and visited us. I had no idea we had so many friends in Miami, but we ended up seeing 5 of them throughout our week there!

Heart lattes


We also got to enjoy this beautiful view, morning and night. The building is set up so each and every unit has amazing views of the water. We had two balconies to enjoy the beach view–I loved having my morning coffee out there. 

Miami The Setai

Vueve Cliquot

One of the best things about this hotel? The AMAZING pools. Yes, pools plural. They have 3 pools-one unheated, one a little bit heated, and one heated to 90 degrees…there was some goldilocks action going on with that. We chose the hot pool every day. Seriously, what a relaxing time. 

The Setai Coconuts

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Miami had surprisingly good veggie eats. We found a juice place, that while expensive, had tasty drinks. They had fun names so we enjoyed that aspect. But, their drinks were all in plastic so Jay-Z was not so pleased with this.

JugoFresh 2

JugoFresh 1

After two days of that, we were ready for something else, which is how we stumbled upon DIRT. All of their food is locally sourced, they have house made brazil/almond nut mylk, specific menus catering to each diet (Vegan, Paleo, Gluten-Free)….need I say more? If you ever find yourself visiting Miami Beach do yourself a favor and eat there!

DIRT Eat Clean

Fitness-wise, we were all inspired to do some working out while surrounded by the beautiful people of Miami. Our hotel offered morning yoga on the beach, which we all excitedly tried. The first day there was wild wind. Picture sand everywhere, towels flying across the beach–the whole package.

This was accompanied by a drill sergeant like yoga instructor, making for quite the interesting experience. After day 1 yoga-boot camp, the next few days had very relaxing yogi experiences. We also got to run on the beach! That was amazing until little Sarah stepped on a  stray jelly 🙁 We learned our lesson to not barefoot run after that.

Oh, and we had one surprise from the parents–massages at Bliss Spa! I munched on a few of the tasty cucumbers while I was waiting for mine.

Bliss Spa Miami

We went in shifts since the spa was pretty booked, so Sarah and I were matched up. We rotated through the steam room, sauna, and reading our books on these awesome teal couches.

Anyways–what are your fave things to do in Miami? I’m going back there in March to visit two of my middle school friends!

Peace and love,


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