Happy Valentine’s

Happy Valentine’s Day faith in plants friends! GC and I drove up to my parent’s house to spend the weekend with them at the self-dubbed “Spa de Juan and Maria”.Lovey coffee

Jay Z prepared for our visit by getting lots of young cocos for us to feast on. The grocery store up here sells them at $5 for 4….what an insane deal!  If you haven’t met Jay-Z before, you may not know that the man is serious about his coffee. He buys the beans raw from a farmer and roasts them himself. He then grinds them fresh for each and every espresso he makes. He has a special Italian machine with crazy knobs and a foamer and other crazy things. It’s been a running joke for the Zapod that no-one can learn how to use his machine, or we wouldn’t need him anymore.

But he decided to teach GC how to make lattes yesterday! It’s a very involved process with the grinding, tampering, almond milk foaming, and espresso making, but GC did it well and presented me with his first cup. I’m a lucky one 🙂


In love with the coco


Isn’t it a beaut? Added cinnamon

Jay Z also made us a beautiful meal when we arrived. He used the Candle 79 cookbook, which is a great one. There is an amazing vegan restaurant in NYC named Candle 79 that my parents have been lucky enough to go to. GC and I have been to their sister restaurant, Candle Cafe. The recipes they make are to die for.

Polenta fries

Polenta fries

Moroccan spice chickpea cake

Moroccan spiced chickpea cakes

Momma Z took me out for mani-pedis. What an amazing salon! We had these amazing heated shoulder pads, a 30 minute foot and leg massage, and a neck massage all included. Plus we got some good wedding planning details completed 🙂  

Mother Daughter Nails

The boys went grocery shopping while we were out so we could make our Valentine’s Day feast. We had family friends over for dinner on Saturday. Menu was:

  • Mushroom tartlets
  • Smoky eggplant dip
  • Honey dijon salad
  • Risotto
  • Butternut squash with Italian chutney
  • Polenta fries
  • PB pie
  • Blondies
Mushroom tarts

Mushroom tartlets

Valentine's Dinner

Fam dinner

 Happy V-day friends! What did you do to celebrate?

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