Happy Earth Day: Great Falls Park Hike

Great Falls Park

Happy belated Earth Day, my friends! We enjoyed the beautiful Great Falls Park in Virginia this weekend. Had a nice 5 mile hike, picnic with a view, and beautiful water views. Absolutely wonderful time. I always feel more grounded and connected when I am outside and enjoying the world how it is meant to be. Such a nice change of the city living. Have you enjoyed the outdoors lately? This winter it was really tough for me to do anything at all outside. The brutal cold got to me, and wore me down. Now that this weather is picking up, though, I am so very delighted. I almost get to enjoy my morning commute walking outside in D.C. Great Falls ParkGreat Falls Park

hi love bug

hi love bug

Great Falls Park Great Falls Park Great Falls ParkGreat Falls Park

So get out there and enjoy our beautiful world!

peace & love <3


P.S. Want more hiking info? I love this site.  

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