Did you have a nice Fourth of July? We had a wonderful one! Filled with lots of family and travel. Our grandfather has a lake house in the Berkshires that we visit every Fourth and see all the little cousins and family. Its a beautiful view, and the lake has been untouched by development. Motor boats aren’t allowed, so the water is absolutely pristine. The town is full of mom and pop shops, local farms, and friendly people. Some of my fondest memories growing up are playing in the lake with my cousins, catching newts and building habitats for them, and roasting s’mores by the fire. 

When we started going there, the house was a small cottage. There was a constant war against the dirt that embedded itself in the floors, no wifi, no cell phone reception, and absolutely no TV. It was a true escape. Now, the family has brought the house a bit more to the 21st century–a new house was built, cell service gradually made its way to the small town, and (gasp!) a TV was installed in the house! I still enjoy it for how it used to be. It is a wonderful place where families converge, we catch up, and we celebrate. 
BerkshiresBerkshires Berkshires Berkshires

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