Avocado Pomegranate Toast

Remember the pomegranate glaze I made for the white bean crostini? Well, I had a bunch leftover and have been loooving it. I may need to make it a more common addition to our home. GC and I eat avocado toast like there’s no tomorrow, but I was inspired to add a bit of pomegranate to the ones today. A few weeks ago, GC put some fig jelly on the avocado toast and topped it with balsamic and truffle salt, and that was incredible. The sweetness of the jelly melded perfectly with the creamy avocado and thick toast. This recipe is really the same, but uses pomegranate juice to as the sweet offset to the avo.
Avocado Toast
 Doesn’t this toast look awesome? It’s from our CSA we joined!Local Bread

Anyways, you just need to grab a ripe avocado, some fresh bread, and your pomegranate glaze. Toast your bread and mash the avo and you are good to go!

Avocado Toast

Or you could stop here and eat the toasties as is…pretty tempting if I do say so. I might need to have some for dinner 😉 Have an awesome day my friends!

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    Yep, I know, I’ve purchased it and shared it on my facebook and twitter pages (which I normally don’t use, but your book was a good reason to do that )I guess you’re talking about 162cups≱ (I could not yet check the contents, will do it in a moment). A cup is about 250 ml, I think?

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