Apartment Garden | May

It is already May, my greenie friends! Do you know what thatmeans? One month closer to veggies sprouting and harvest time! We have a serious lesson learned from starting our little garden in February, which I hope will help you on any apartment gardening adventures you may find yourself on!Apartment Garden | May

Lesson Learned: Water deeply & rarely

So, we did not do this when we first began our little garden. We bought a spray bottle (which I was very proud of!) and would give each cube 3 spritzes daily. This worked well when the seeds were just beginning to spread and the stems were delicate, but after a certain point in time, some of our plants died or stopped growing all together…I’m looking at you, little basil plant.

After some confusion on our ends about why our little garden was not doing so well, we re-planted seeds in the plants that were struggling, and tried our new watering technique. I am pleased to say that the photos you see today showcase how well that has been working for us. We now only water about twice per week, but I am fully drenching the soil when we give the plants water. This stimulates strong root growth and hearty plants, as opposed to the spindly, sickly, and parched plants we were growing earlier.
Apartment Garden | May

As you can see, our basil is finally growing more and more! You can see in the background that we planted a few more basil plants which have recently sprouted. We also replanted more chives and sage since sadly they died, but now these new ones are looking good!
Apartment Garden | May

Then we have our eggplants, which are looking nice and healthy! I swear, once we changed the way we were watering them, they grew several inches almost instantaneously! It was amazing.Apartment Garden | May

And our little succulent friends…not sure how much longer I can call them little! They have also been loving the new watering way and are growing much better now. Apartment Garden | May

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