Apartment Garden | June

Apartment Garden | June

Hi there! We are happy to report that our apartment garden is doing very well! In fact, we have exciting news–there are little buds beginning to form! Exciting things happening over here. 

A fun fact–did you know that eggplant gets spikes? Little things almost like rose thorns have developed on our baby eggplant plants. Pretty cool if you ask me. I had no idea they would do that! We also have finally been able to begin harvesting the basil. We waited until it had grown two sets of leaves before breaking off the top. The trick to getting bushy and healthy basil plants is to break off the pant from the top, which will encourage the side leaves to sprout and grow more.Apartment Garden | June Apartment Garden | JuneOverall, our babies are doing very well! They look healthy and strong, and are definitely enjoying the sunny weather that is trying to come through after weeks of rain. You can see the little buds and flowers beginning to form–hopefully they’ll grow even more this month! I need to look up if they are self-fertilizing plants or not. We grew tomatoes last year and I had to use a little feather to pollinate the flowers.
Apartment Garden | June Apartment Garden | June

Lastly, our little succulents are not so little anymore. They have grown quite tall in this past month. I’m not entirely sure why they have grown up instead of out, but they look healthy so no complaints!Apartment Garden | June

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