4 Easy Steps to Natural Great Skin

Are you blessed with naturally perfect skin? I have a few friends who are, and I am jealous of you guys. This includes GC who literally doesn’t need to wash his face and has the most supple and clear skin EVER

For years I’ve dealt with face issues..a pimple here, blackheads there–it never seemed to end. I remember thinking as a young teen that I couldn’t wait to be in my 20s and no longer have to deal with this! I mean really, in these modern times, how have we not discovered the cure to acne?! We’ve sent rockets into space but haven’t been able to stop teen acne angst. Ah, the troubles of being a teen girl. I tried everything, you name it: creams, masks, spot treatments, wipes, taking matters literally into my own hands (bad idea) and nothing worked.

As I’ve gotten older my skin has gotten better (and I noticed a huge shift moving from a processed/non plant based diet to whole foods), but it wasn’t until I started following these steps that I saw a giant improvement.

What can you do for natural everyday healthy, happy, and radiant skin?

1. Drink water. When you wake up. When you are thirsty. All the time. Drink it!

This we hear all the time and never listen to. And yes, I still love my morning coffee. That said I always drink a large glass of water before I enjoy my dehydrating coffee. Carry a bottle with you everywhere you go, and fill it with filtered water so you can enjoy the health benefits of clean water. I love to add lemon to my water, especially right when I wake up. BUT–if you are going to put the lemon straight in, make sure you either peel it or buy organic! You don’t want to be poisoning yourself with pesticides in your quest for hydration.
Spa Water
2. Nourish your face every night

You only have one face–be gentle to it! There’s no need to use harsh chemicals or dry out your skin. My routine has evolved over time, but now I do the same thing every night before bed. This includes: washing my face by oil cleansing, using toner, layering on an essential oil, and finishing with some eye cream. A post will be coming soon about what oil cleansing actually is! I’ve actually just started doing it two weeks ago so I want to see how I like it and the impact it has on my skin. Below are some of my fave skin care items.

How to get good skin

3. Do a weekly mask

I have some of my favorites, including some from evanhealy, a great organic skincare line. This can really nip any problem pores in the bud. I mix their green tea mask with raw honey to make a skin soothing and acne fighting mask.

How to get clear skin

4. Sweat!

Do yoga, go for a run, take a barre class. Any of these things will get your blood flowing and stimulate rejuvenation for your entire body, including your beautiful face. Plus, you’ll feel healthier and happier when you work out.

ZaPod Running

What do you do to for clear skin? I would love to hear if you have any tips or tricks that have helped you.

P.S. Want to know what is in the products you use on your skin, and if they are good (or bad) for you? Check out this great site by ewg.org, Skin DeepThey have thousands of products listed, and everything is broken up into ingredients so you can the specific health effects of them. I love checking out any new products that I am thinking about buying on there. 

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